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New Comedy Video

Posted by grhmhmltn - January 11th, 2014


I've been producing YouTube videos for about 3 years and yet this is the first time I've uploaded something comedic, let alone scripted (every other video on my channel is an interview). I'm super proud of this! You may not recognise them, but these two guys are actually established local actors in Vancouver (the guy playing Mr. Samsung was in the movie "2012", and was also the voice of "Flutterguy" in My Little Pony). The other crazy thing about this video is that I managed to get the whole shoot together within 5 days of when I first saw the original Samsung commercial that it's based on. I saw the infamous "Are You Geared Up?" video on December 28, got both of the actors confirmed on December 30th, wrote the 8th (and final) draft of the script on New Years Day and then filmed the whole thing on January 2nd! Editing took longer than I anticipated, but I'm still proud that I was able to get the video up on January 9th.

What's frustrating though is that YouTube is only displaying it in 480p even though the video I uploaded was 1080p. I really don't know why this is happening--some people say that YouTube is still "processing" the HD version, but I can't imagine that takes multiple days. I'd try reuploading it but it has 111 views and I frankly don't want to lose those; it's hardly gone viral, but that's still a good number considering how long it's been up.

So unfortunately I just gotta deal with it. I'm planning on submitting it to some of the short film festivals around the US and Canada, so at least I can make sure the 1080p version gets an audience somewhere. In the future I'll be more careful about previewing the video before it's uploaded.

My next video's going to go up on Saturday; an hour-long interview with Daniel Floyd: former Pixar animator and creator of Extra Credits!